Bandages and Tapes

Bandages and Tapes

Bandages and Tapes

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Barrier Film

This barrier film is an universal infection control barrier with a low tack adhesive backing that is..

Barrier Film Black

In the context of tattooing, Surface Barrier Film can be used to create a protective barrier betwe..

Masking tape BLACK 18mm X 50m & 24mmX40m

BlackDog masking tape has the flexibility to follow curves and contours of tattoo machines, wash bot..

Non-woven Micropore Paper Tape

Non-woven Micropore Paper Tape for dressing fixation. Easy to use and tear by hand. Made from 100% s..

Stick-IT Tape 12mm X 33m

Introducing TattooINC Stick-IT Tape: Versatile and Reliable Adhesive Solution for Your Tattoo Studio..

Wrap It Cling Film and Wrap 2 - 3 Days

Wrap It Cling Film and Wrap

Wrap It Cling Film wrap10cm x 15 micron x 150m.For wrapping of arms and legs.Long handle for ease of..

Wrap It handle

Wrap It handle for use with Cling Film wrap..