Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machines

Welcome to TattooINC, your source for quality handmade tattoo machines and parts. I pride myself on creating the industry's most reliable and unique tattoo machines and parts. Each part of the tattoo machine is handcrafted in the TattooINC machine shop. As a scientist with mechanical, and electrical engineering background, I have an excellent understanding and working knowledge of what makes rock-solid tattoo machines. Black Dog Tattoo Machines are hand made from scratch. We spend countless hours on each machine ensuring it is done right. Using only the best materials available, most of our our machines are built shim-less and we are proud of each machine that leaves our workshop. All our handmade machines are all tuned and tested by our local artist before it goes to the customer. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have

Each hand crafted Tattoo machine is a one of a kind machine, made exactly to your specification. We also offer a full rebuild/revamp service for any machine you may have.

All machines are for professional use only. These are not toys. Tattooing is not a game, it is an art form and as such should be treated with the respect it deserves.

ONLY for sale to pro's.

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93% pure silver M4 Set-screw

93% pure silver M4 Set-screw Custom made various options..

Andy Seb Burgundy Dog

Burgundy satin finisn 8 wrap coils 18-18 springs for 9/14..

Andy Seb Cigar Supra - Liner

8 wrap coils Cigar Tobacco covered CoilsFront 18 Rear 18 Handcut springs 145hz 6.5V Unloaded N..

Andy Seb Dog Large liner

Andy Seb BlackDog Large linerMatt Black finish 8 wrap coils 18-18 springs Set for 9/11/14 or m..

Coil Keyring

Coil Keyring made from a real tattoo coil..

Ego R12

The EGO R12 can be used with various types of cartridge grips including the Cheyenne Hawk Grips. Fea..

ELITE RUSH Rotary Tattoo Machines - Rush -Black

Crafted from solid aircraft aluminum by Precison CNC RCA connection3.5mm needle strokeUse at 6-8.5V..

Moog 490

Introducing the Moog Handmade Custom Single Coil Liner for Tattooing, a meticulously crafted tool de..

SEED Tattoo Machines

Seed is a nextgeneration device for tattooing, based on a special drive unit, which spots a reliable..

Super Lube (10g Tube)

One 10g Tube of Super Lube Every tattoo artist can benefit from having spare lubricant on hand! T..

Black Dog Cane Corso Limited Edition Silk Black

Black Dog Cane Corso Limited Edition Silk BlackBlack Dog Cane Corso Limited Edition cartridge tattoo..

Black Dog Cane Corso

Black Dog Cane CorsoBlack Dog Cane Corso Limited Edition cartridge tattoo machine  is locally a..

Black Dog Magnetic Cartridge Limited Edition Brass Pen

NB: Never run the pen without a cartridge insertedBlack Dog Magnetic Cartridge Limited Edition Brass..

Black Dog Jack Daniel's Liner

Black Dog Jack Daniel's LinerSolid Brass frame handbuilt LinerMagnetic and normal Clipcord..

Dog Box Dotwork

Turn your coil machine into a dot maker with the Dog Box. Plug the DogBox into your power supply and..

Ink Mixer

The Black dog hand held mixer operates directly from your power supply and is used to blend your sol..