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The Solid Ink

The Solid Ink

Solid Ink is the best tattoo ink on the market, we're sure of it. Made by tattooer Federico Ferroni. Committed in making the most solid pigments possible, and using natural ingredients. Solid Ink is based out of Miami Beach, but Federico has been tattooing with this blend of pigments around the world for years. We opened our online shop in March of 2012 and are really excited about what tattooers are saying about our inks.

"I have been tattooing for a long time, always trying to improve my technique, my designs, and always have used the best supplies available. Choosing the right pigment is one of the most important choices someone can make when executing a tattoo, to guarantee that you can obtain the right saturation, brightness, and solidity. I became obsessed with ink. I realized that creating my color system, knowing exactly what I put in it, was going to lead me to create the best ink possible. Solid Ink was born."
- Federico Ferroni

All products made in the USA.


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The Solid Ink Anonymous 1 oz

This tone will be a new favorite opaque  , totally different , a shade of green , or brown , or..

The Solid Ink Banana 1 oz

Super easy to apply, since it's got a white base on it , this banana color, will give you a diff..

The Solid Ink Black Label Grey Wash 1oz Set

The Solid Ink Black Label Grey Wash 1oz SetWe came up with a set of grey wash tones that we can re..

The Solid Ink Brown 1 oz

Rich tone of brown that goes in easy and works perfect with ochre , olive and yellows , and reds. ..

The Solid Ink Chocolate 1 oz

Like it's name , this tone is pure chocolate , great for cover ups !   All of our t..

The Solid Ink Cool Grey 1 oz

Smoke , clouds , or just an alternative for a medium black and grey tone , heals smooth with a silve..

The Solid Ink Coral 1 oz

I love this color , is hard to tell what it is , pink , orange , or some in the middle ! All of our ..

The Solid Ink Cream Orange 1 oz

This is a bright orange with a touch of yellow and white in it. All of tattoo inks colors are m..

The Solid Ink DEEP RED 1 oz

Heavy red with a touch of brown and black in it , dark and rich , perfect to achieve those deep tone..

The Solid Ink Dulce De Leche 1 oz

Like it's name , this one looks like dulce de leche or caramel , it is one of those that you can't..

The Solid Ink El Dorado Yellow 1 oz

This is the best version of the golden yellow you can find. So easy to use. All of our tattoo ..

The Solid Ink Fig 1 oz

Opaque tone of purple grayish , Fig is something created to achieve a total different approach to pu..

The Solid Ink Flesh 1 oz

Flesh is a great nude hue. Works great on color portraits.  All of our colors are ma..

The Solid Ink Lavender 1 oz

The lightest tone of purple , goes beautiful for flowers specially combine it with purple or violet...

The Solid Ink Light Green 1 oz

Great for all kinds of leaves, specially when combined with darker greens . All of our colors are ma..

The Solid Ink Lime 1 oz

The brightest green, made out of pure bright yellow with a touch of green. This one glows! All of ou..

The Solid Ink Lining black 1 oz

Just like its name, lining black is perfect for outlining, thick or fine. Solid beautiful lines with..

The Solid Ink Lining Black 2 oz

Just like its name, lining black is perfect for outlining, thick or fine. Solid beautiful lines with..

The Solid Ink Magenta 1 oz

Great color for flowers specially when combined with bordeaux . All of our colors are made wit..

The Solid Ink Matte Black 2 oz

Just like its name, very opaque, very black. All of our tattoo inks are made with the h..