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BlackDog V8 Wireless and Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen

The BlackDog V8 Wireless and Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen – a cutting-edge addition to our lineup. (..

Anchored by Nikko Hurtado Tattoo Stencil Cream – 8oz. Bottle

Nikko Hurtados’ Anchored Stencil Solution – Tattoo Transfer Cream – 8oz. BottleWorld-renowned po..

BlackDog Hertz New

BlackDog Hertz

Introducing the new BlackDog Hertz fully wireless cartridge tattoo pen, now available for purchase. ..

BlackDog Micro New

BlackDog Micro

BlackDog Micro - Wireless Brush-less Cartridge Tattoo PenKey Features:Stroke: 4.0mmExperience unpara..

Brutal Stuff Tattoo Stencil Gel 8oz

Introducing Brutal Stuff Tattoo Stencil Gel, the ultimate solution for flawless tattoo stenciling. F..

Dermalize Pro Miracle Butter 150 ml (5oz) Tattoo After care

A soft and smooth butter with natural ingredients, specifically formulated to soothe and protect you..

Disposable Long Tip Clear Box of 50

Black Dog Disposable Long Tip Clear 8/108mm 50pcs M-ABS E.O. Gas sterilized..

Disposable Silica Gel Grip 25mm (Price each) 20 pieces per box

Price is per Grip, for orders of a box add 20 to cart Disposable Silica Gel Tube with Clear Tip Ea..

Disposable Silica Gel Grip 30mm

Price is per box of 20Ergonomic medical grade silicone rubber grip.The grips made and assembled in h..

Dynamic Black 8 oz

Dynamic BlackDynamic Black Tattoo Ink is a bold healing ink. This particular blend of pigment h..

Dynamic Blends Pack Tattoo Ink 1oz Bottles - 12 Colors

12 Colour Dynamic Blends Pack Tattoo Ink 1oz BottlesAs a tattoo artist, you should be acquainted wit..

Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo

Dynamic Tattoo Ink is a pre-dispersed, premium ink created to provide artists with bolder, long-last..

Ego R12

The EGO R12 can be used with various types of cartridge grips including the Cheyenne Hawk Grips. Fea..

ELITE EVO Needle Cartridge Round Shaders

ELITE EVO Round Shaders Needle Cartridge - 0.30mm BugpinELITE EVO Needle Cartridges are manufactured..

Elite INFINI Curved Magnum - Bugpin

Manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry. Precise and super thin tips, consiste..

Elite INFINI Liner Cartridge - Bugpin

Elite INFINI Liner Needle CartridgeManufactured with the highest quality control in the industry ·Pr..

Elite INFINI Needle Cartridges - Round Shaders

INFINI Needle Cartridges - Round ShadersManufactured with the highest quality control in the industr..

ELITE RUSH Rotary Tattoo Machines - Rush -Black

Crafted from solid aircraft aluminum by Precison CNC RCA connection3.5mm needle strokeUse at 6-8.5V..

Face Mask Black and Pink 3 Ply

Don't think about it for a second more, K-masks, are the best option because of price and quality, K..

Fusion Tattoo Ink – 1oz 12 Pack Out Of Stock

Fusion Tattoo Ink – 1oz 12 Pack

The Sample Pack contains 12 bottles. Sample Pack Colors include: White, Basic Black, Really Red, O..