TattooINC is a proudly South African company. We import, manufacture and supply top quality tattoo and body piercing products to all profesional tattoo studios in South Africa.

TattooINC is more than just a tattoo equipment supplier, we offer a broad range of tattoo supplies including inks, tattoo machines, tattoo medical supplies and more. We sell directly to professional tattoo shops, small and large via our extensive online catalog. Our goal is always to provide the best products AND the best service, so you can provide the same to your customers.

Under Consumables you will find Disposable tips & Grips, Stencil application, Bibs, Linen Savers & Towelling, Ink Cups, Bandages and Tapes, Grommets/Nipples and bands, Machine bags and Clip-cord Covers, Rinse Bottles & wash cups.

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Attach-A-Trash 2 - 3 Days


Attach-A-Trash hanging bag holder, locks bio waste and general waste bags, creating a strong, tight..

Bags Bio Hazard

Station Bio waste bags 55cm x 66cm 25 bags and 25 zip ties...


This offer is for 100 Cups.The Disposable cups for dental treatments and mouth rinses are made of no..

Disposable Long Tip Clear Box of 50

Black Dog Disposable Long Tip Clear 8/108mm 50pcs M-ABS E.O. Gas sterilized..

Disposable Silica Gel Grip 25mm (Price each) 20 pieces per box

Price is per Grip, for orders of a box add 20 to cart Disposable Silica Gel Tube with Clear Tip Ea..

Disposable Silica Gel Grip 30mm

Price is per box of 20Ergonomic medical grade silicone rubber grip.The grips made and assembled in h..

Erelis Professional Wash Bottle mix 500ML

Erelis Professional Tattoo Shampoo (Add 5 to 8ml to 500ml of distilled water)100 % natural liqu..

Ink Cups Stable soft silicone pink (100)

Experience the ultimate convenience and functionality with our Pink Silicone Tattoo Ink Cups, exclus..

Nipples Soft Silicone (Grommets)

Tattoo machine grommets for tattoo needles, made from premium silicone, soft and durable, great to R..

Practice Skin Blank - 30x20cm 2 - 3 Days

Practice Skin Blank - 30x20cm

Specification:Tattoo practice skin. Thick blank tattoo practice skin that can be tattooed both sides..

Skin Markin Pen Refills

The Tattoo Pen RefillsThis pen is made for writing on skin pre-tattoo. It is a solid housing ho..

Skin Marking Pen (refill holder)

These are made specifically to hold the Tattoo Skin Doodler Pens.  Just drop the pen into the..

Spilpak Laminate Paper 70M Rolls Out Of Stock

Spilpak Laminate Paper 70M Rolls

Spilpak Laminate Paper is a luxurious highly absorbent paper towel for use in the Spilpak dispenser...

Spilpak Towel Holder 2 - 3 Days

Spilpak Towel Holder

The innovative Spilpak Towel Holder is built to house 100 meters of highly absorbent paper towel and..

Spirit® Original Tattoo Classic Freehand (Tube of 20)

• High degree of control while hand drawing stencils • No tools or printers needed to create a hig..

Spirit® Original Tattoo Classic Freehand Full Box of 100 sheets

• High degree of control while hand drawing stencils• No tools or printers needed to create a high q..

Spirit™ Transfer Tracing Paper (40 Sheets)

To the artist who wants complete control over the stencil, we introduce Spirit™ Transfer Tracing P..