Machine bags and Clip-cord Covers

Machine bags and Clip-cord Covers

All Machine bags and Clip-cord Covers are locally manufactured with virgin plastic to meet the highest standards.

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Attach-A-Trash 2 - 3 Days


Attach-A-Trash hanging bag holder, locks bio waste and general waste bags, creating a strong, tight..

Bags Bio Hazard

Station Bio waste bags 55cm x 66cm 25 bags and 25 zip ties...

Clip Cord Covers (Clear)

Locally manufactured from 100% virgin plastic for TattooINC. These come in rolls of 2,2 to 2,7 kg an..

Clip Cord Sleeves (Black)

NEW Black Tinted Clip Cord covers locally manufactured, from 100% virgin plastic. These come in roll..

ECO-Friendly Machine Bags (Box of 100)

Eco-plastic made from organic materials will decompose quicker than traditional oil-based plastic wh..

Wash Bottle Bags Eco-Friendly New

Wash Bottle Bags Eco-Friendly

These lightweight black biodegradable wash bottle bags provide covering for your squeeze bottle..