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Expired Tattoo Ink

Expired Tattoo Ink

Technically, inorganic pigment materials have no expiration.  The carrier fluid will eventually evaporate in most ink-bottles.  The plastic of the bottle and seals will break down enough in time to allow the evaporated fluid to escape.  In theory, adding more carrier fluid to a bottle of ink that has dried out would result in usable dispersed ink. ALL Products in this category are only sold for training purposes and should under no circumstances be used on any customer.

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Eternal Andrea Afferni Signature Portrait Set of 10 - 1oz Bottles Expired

Italian tattoo artist Andrea Afferni is well known for his realistic portraits. He has developed his..

Infinity PRO - B2 - Blue Tooth

Infinity PRO -B2 - Blue ToothThis is THE DEFINITIVE BLUE tattoo ink.We've been making..

Infinity PRO - BR1 - Mahogany Brown

Infinity PRO - BR1 - Mahogany BrownThis is the darker color to the brown shade color spectrum w..

Infinity PRO - BR2 - Red Shade Brown

Infinity PRO - BR2 - Red Shade BrownAnother must have color when comes to cover ups or just a g..

Infinity PRO - F1 - Flesh

Infinity PRO - F1 - FleshThis is a Flesh color and it has something to do with Zombies.... The ..