WJX Tattoo Cartridges

WJX Tattoo Cartridges

WJX Cartridge patented cartridge needle design makes these cartridges extremely stable and smooth. It has the lowest Tin solder possible ensure safety. Four special rebound tensioners in the diaphragm ensures that consistent but low resistance.

Medical Grade LG PC
Cartridges are made from PC polycarbonate, Polycarbonate is colourless, transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant and flame retardant.

Quality Control
From the cartridge shell to the needle, each and every part undergoes screening and testing to ensure the highest quality of needle is presented to the artist.

Lowest Tin Solder    
The needles are fixed fusion and set into precise moulds, which greatly reduces the soldering process, therefore avoiding chemical pickling process ensuring safety and hygiene of each needle.

Package: 20pcs per box

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WJX Tattoo Liner Cartridges

The following Liner needle cartridge configurations are available:0.25mm (08)0.30mm (10)35mm (12)RL..

WJX Tattoo Magnum Cartridges

The following Tattoo Magnum cartridge configurations are available:35mm (12)30mm(10)1041RM1, 1041RM1..

WJX Tattoo Round Shader Cartridges

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