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Infinity Pro Ink

Infinity Pro Ink

Our all natural, formula contains a surfactant that bonds with the raw pigment better, making these colors easier to blend so you can achieve virtually any tone you need.

Infinity Colorworks - setting new standards and seeing beyond limits.

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This is THE DEFINITIVE BLACK to Gray Wash Set.Four Exquisite shades of Black for every Black an..

Infinity PRO - B1 - Flag Blue

Infinity PRO - B1 - Flag BlueWhen we went to mix this color I wanted a true American Flag blue...

Infinity PRO - B2 - Blue Tooth

Infinity PRO -B2 - Blue ToothThis is THE DEFINITIVE BLUE tattoo ink.We've been making..

Infinity PRO - B3 - Blue Eyes

Infinity PRO - B3 - Blue EyesAfter having several artist ask me to make a lighter blue, well, I..

Infinity PRO - BC - Blue Concentrate

As its name suggest. This is a true, deep, dark uncut raw blue pigment for any underwater scene or j..

Infinity PRO - BK - Midnight Black

It's Dark. Darker than a black thing, in a dark room, at midnight. I personally use it for tribal, y..

Infinity PRO - BR1 - Mahogany Brown

Infinity PRO - BR1 - Mahogany BrownThis is the darker color to the brown shade color spectrum w..

Infinity PRO - BR2 - Red Shade Brown

Infinity PRO - BR2 - Red Shade BrownAnother must have color when comes to cover ups or just a g..

Infinity PRO - F1 - Flesh

Infinity PRO - F1 - FleshThis is a Flesh color and it has something to do with Zombies.... The ..

Infinity PRO - F2 - Peachy Flesh

Peachy Flesh is the go to girlie pin up base tone for many artist. Able to blend with violets, green..

Infinity PRO - G1 - Green Concentrate

Infinity PRO - G1 - Green ConcentrateA dark green in its pure raw form. Really sink the depths ..

Infinity PRO - G2 - Grass Green

Infinity PRO - G2 - Grass GreenThis green set the standard for all the green tones we make. A m..

Infinity PRO - G3 - Lime Green

Infinity PRO - G3 - Lime GreenLime Green. As its name suggests. Lime Green is bold with just a ..

Infinity PRO - G4 - Green Glow

Infinity PRO - G4 - Green GlowThis green has a visual, vibrant impact on any tattoo. Its tonal ..

Infinity PRO - G5 - Mint Green

Infinity PRO - G5 - Mint GreenA true mint green with a solid bold tone, but holds its own for t..

Infinity PRO - M1 - Magenta

Infinity PRO - Magenta M1Pure raw uncut magenta. Use it by itself or mix with any Infinity Pro ..

Infinity PRO - M2 - Magenta Berry

Infinity PRO - M2 - BerryPure raw uncut magenta. Use it by itself or mix with any Infinity Pro ..

Infinity PRO - O1 - True Orange

Infinity PRO - O1 - True OrangeAs its name suggest. This color is a true orange in the purest s..

Infinity PRO - O2 - Tiger Lily Orange

Infinity PRO - O2 - Tiger Lily OrangeTiger Lily, come on now, you know what to use this for. Al..

Infinity PRO - O3 - Bright Orange Tangelo

Infinity PRO - O3 - Bright Orange TangeloTangelo is the brightest orange in the Infinity Pro se..