SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner 1 Litre Dosing Bottle (Concentrate)

SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner 1 Litre Dosing Bottle (Concentrate)
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SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner

Directions for use

Shake well before use. Dilute SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner at 1:100 (e.g.5mL product with 500mL water).  Spray, pour or mop the solution onto the surface, and wipe down, or mop thoroughly. Allow a minimum of 5 minutes before rinsing, or using the surface.  Dilute only enough for immediate use if unused, discard within 7 days of dilution. Repeat as often as required by your Infection Control Protocol (suggested Protocolsavailable on request)

SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner
Quick: Broad Spectrum disinfection in 5 minutes.
Safe: Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Caustic, Non-Staining, Non-Irritant, Non-Carcinogenic and Biodegradable. SABS HACCP tested as food-safe.
Concentrated: Economical to use in large quantities
Residual Action: Continues to disinfect even after the surface has dried, giving long-lasting protection.
Duality: Can be used for both general purpose Manual Cleaning, and High Pressure Cleaning.
Effective:Contains a balanced system of detergents,sequestering agents, alkalis and grease cutters which removes both organic, and microbial loading.

  • SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner

    SteriTech Disinfecting Cleaner

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