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SteriTech Cold Sterilant
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Quick: Sterilises in 20 minutes and Disinfects in 5 minutes. Economical: 28 day usage window, confirmable with MEC Test
Strips. Stable in its container for up to 24 months. Easy: Ready to use, no extra fuss, no ‘cooling down’ time and no need to
rinse. Protective: Corrosion Inhibitors protect instruments even when not immersed, and allow the product to be used as a
holding medium. User Friendly: Does not ‘require’ Staff to wear any protective gear when handling, which eliminates the
problem of Staff fearing the product.

Please note:
Where access to an approved, regularly maintained and tested autoclave is available, the autoclave should always be considered the primary
means of sterilisation. SteriTech Cold Sterilant should then be used as a holding medium to maintain the chain of sterility, as well as to
ensure the sterility of non-autoclavable and or heat-sensitive items.

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