Stencil Honey 200ml - Stencil application and Thermal Printers

Stencil Honey 200ml

Product Description

Stencil Honey is a gel-based stencil transfer solution that is strong and long-lasting, yet soft on skin. It is free of fragrances and produces clear, sharp stencils. Stencil Honey was developed by Northern Ireland tattoo artists Tom Kerr & Darren Millar. With a wealth of industry knowledge spanning 20+ years, they believed they needed a better stencil product than was currently available.

This meant developing a brand new product that outperforms these needs to ensure stencils remain in place to keep these standards at the highest level. Through many tests and reformulations, the result was a solution that can stand up to the requirements that today's artists need: 2/3-day convention pieces, collaboration work, a need to hold stencils fast for full day sittings, all while offering a consistent, high quality stencil.

Made for artists – by artists.

1. Clean skin with green soap or similar
2. Wipe skin area with alcohol or surgical spirit.
3. Apply Stencil Honey to area (do not over wet).
4. Allow to become sticky/tacky consistency.
5. Apply Stencil.
6. Leave on for 30 seconds.
7. Remove stencil & gently pat area dry with paper towel/kitchen roll.
8. Let it dry for 10 minutes.
9. Tattoo!

Available in:
- 200 ml Honey Bottle

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