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Gloves Black Nitrile Handtouch™ - Gloves and Masks

Gloves Black Nitrile Handtouch™

Box of 100 Gloves Handtouch™ Black Nitrile

AQL 1,5

Here's the 'just right' of Handtouch™ Black Nitrile gloves. Stronger than latex gloves, black nitrile gloves offer the best balance between safety and freedom of movement. Handtouch™ Black Nitrile gloves are strong enough to last long sessions while offering three to five times the resistance to puncture as latex gloves. They have lower friction than latex and therefore are much easier to put on and are also completely non-allergenic. They do cost more than latex, however, so priorities must be considered. The extra assurance that Handtouch™ Black Nitrile disposable gloves offer has been enough to make them the most common type of tattoo glove used.

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