Covid 19 Return to Work Planning Tools for Business

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Return to Work Planning Tools for Business

SAFCEC, along with the Public Private Growth Initiative (PPGI), has put together a workplace readiness pack to assist businesses to put in place the necessary occupational health and safety provisions to enable a safe return to work.

These workplace readiness tools include:

Note, these documents seek to incorporate all the relevant official requirements, but do not replace the law. If a business has already assessed its occupational health and safety risks and put in place a plan, the business need not use these tools. The material is provided for guidance in the absence of the business having a process and plan in place; or as an additional reference to ensure that all important risk factors and control measures are considered. It is important to remind all businesses to keep their occupational health and safety records and risk management approach available in the event that it is required for reporting or compliance purposes.

If all of this feels overwelming please watch this short video on Risk Assessment

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